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Jewelry Care and Tips

Jewelry tends to be one of the most valuable and personal possessions that you can own. Not only are they expensive accessories, they are also often keepsakes that represent cherished and intimate memories, whether the jewelry was handed down from one generation to another or was given to you by a loved one on a special occasion. Because the value of jewelry in Jacksonville, FL is so great, both in terms of sentimental value and cash value, it is important that you take good care of it. Many pieces of jewelry are quite delicate, after all.

The following are a number of tips that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that your jewelry in Jacksonville, FL stays as beautiful as it always has been for as long as possible:

  • Avoid displaying your jewelry in the sun – Sunlight can actually harm the appearance of your jewelry over time. You don’t need to worry about wearing your jewelry out in the sun, but avoid leaving your jewelry out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This will eventually cause certain gemstones, such as topaz, kunzite and amethyst, to name a few, to fade in color. Some gems will actually darken if exposed to too much sunlight over time, while other materials, such as ivory and pearls, can bleach due to over exposure to the sun. The lesson here is store your jewelry away from the sunlight!

  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to heat – Heat can cause a gem to fracture in addition to causing the natural moisture contained in some gems to evaporate. This means that you should take off your jewelry when you are in an area exposed to heat. This includes removing your jewelry when you are cooking over a stove or relaxing in a sauna.

  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to potentially harmful chemicals – Certain chemicals can damage the color of precious metals. Don’t use any chemicals or solvents to clean your jewelry without knowing what their specific cleaning requirements are. Remove your jewelry if you go swimming in a pool in order to avoid the chlorine. You should also remove your jewelry if you plan on using household cleaners to clean around the house. Household cleaners are often full of potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Always remove your jewelry during certain activities – Physical work that requires the use of your hands can result in damage to your jewelry if you’re not careful. It’s better to remove your jewelry if you are planning to do physical work such as gardening, cooking, housekeeping or if you are exercising.

  • Jewelry should be the last thing you put on – When dressing, putting your jewelry should be the last thing you do. Any cosmetics, hairspray, lotion or perfume that is applied should be done before you put your jewelry on in order to avoid staining your jewelry with those substances.

  • Be extremely careful when cleaning your jewelry – Avoid using detergents when cleaning your jewelry. Usually, warm water and mild soap will do just fine. Be sure to use a soft brush in order to remove dirt and other particles from your jewelry. Be very careful with soft gems, since brushing them can result in scratches. Use a makeup brush for these instead. If you are washing your jewelry in a sink, make sure that the stopper is in. The last thing you want to deal with is trying to fish a piece of jewelry out of the drain!

  • Store your jewelry carefully – Your jewelry should never be stored loosely, especially if it is stored with other pieces of jewelry. Whether you place them in a drawer or on top of your dresser, this can result in scratches or, in a worse case scenario, fractures. The best way to store your jewelry is inside of a small pouch or jewelry box, which is often provided by a jewelry store. You can purchase a jewelry box that provides individually padded slots for your rings and posts for your bracelets and necklaces.

  • Have your jewelry professionally cleaned – To make sure your jewelry is professionally cleaned and maintained, have your jewelry in Jacksonville, FL professionally cleaned at least once a year by an accredited professional. In addition to cleaning your jewelry in Jacksonville, FL carefully, a professional will also check your jewelry’s general condition by looking for loose prongs and worn mountings.

Keeping your jewelry clean, scratch-free and as radiant as ever is important to retaining the value. Not to mention that your jewelry also most likely has personal meaning, which is yet another reason to take good care of your jewelry using these tips.


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