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10 Reasons Why Your Mom Deserves Jewelry for Mothers Day

She wiped your tears, cheered you on from the sidelines, stayed up with you when you were sick and so much more. She’s your mom and she deserves to be celebrated! Instead of giving her the standard flowers and cards this Mother’s Day, why not treat her to something special. A unique piece of jewelry from the name you trust for fine jewelry, Monahan Jewelers, is the perfect way to say thank you.

Monahan Jewelers, located in the Atlantic Beach area of Jacksonville, has been providing a beautiful array of diamonds, gemstones, gold and platinum jewelry collections since 1980. With unique collections you won’t find anywhere else, Monahan Jewelers can help make this Mother’s Day a memorable celebration for your mom.

Not sure why you should give mom jewelry this year? Here are ten reasons why she deserves it:

  1. Flowers are great, especially during the spring With so many varieties to choose from, your mom is bound to have a favorite spring bloom. Of course, flowers only last for so long. Once they wither and die, the only reminder of Mother’s Day is a vase. Jewelry lasts forever, so every time your mom looks at the unique piece you got her she will remember how special you made her Mother’s Day.

  2. You’re shared so many memories with your mom why not commemorate them with a charm bracelet from the Halia Collection.  These delicate bracelets allow you to truly customize a gift for your mom. You can pick the charms that showcase all your favorite memories with mom, or all her favorite things.

  3. Getting everyone to agree on a gift for mom isn’t always so easyBy selecting a charm bracelet, you allow everyone to choose a charm that represents how they feel about mom. Less arguments equals a happy family, and happy family means a happy Mother’s Day.

  4. Your mom is a very unique individual with unique tastesForget the generic gift this year and select a piece of jewelry from the Sophia Collection that reflects her individuality and shows her that she is not just any mom. Your mom will be wowed when she sees how you’ve captured her essence.

  5. Her love for you has never wavered, no matter how much you put her through as a kid Maybe it is time you made a statement of real appreciation by selecting a bangle, ring, necklace or earrings from the statement making Metalsmiths Collection.

  6. She’ll only have one first Mother’s Day, and a card really isn’t going to cut it Sure you can make her breakfast in bed and offer to take care of the baby so she can rest, but you can do that any day. Maybe she’s had her eye on a delicate new diamond or gemstone necklace, so why not surprise her with it on this, her very first Mother’s Day.

  7. Time to replace the old with some newRemember that time she let you borrow your grandmother’s earrings and you lost one or broke it? Don’t you think it is time your replaced this family heirloom with something new? From elegant studs to hoops that sparkle, Monahan Jewelers can help you choose just the right pair.

  8. When was the last time you did something really special for your mom? Think about all the times she drove to a bunch of stores just to find you that perfect birthday gift, or stayed up all night making baked goods for class because you waited till the last minute to tell her. This Mother’s Day you can create a customized piece of jewelry that lets her know that you appreciated all the big and small ways she showed you how much she cared for you.

  9. Enough of the niceties, let’s face it, it’s time you outdid your siblings this Mother’s Day. Every year they seem to outshine your simple gifts. This Mother’s Day you will outdo everyone and every gift with your estate jewelry selection. Your mom won’t be the only one crying over your amazing gesture.

  10. You may not be able to spend Mother’s Day with your momThat doesn’t mean you can’t show her you are thinking of her even when you are far away. Once we grow up, leave home and start our own family, coming home frequently becomes a bit harder.  Show mom your love for her will always be timeless with a piece of pearl jewelry. She’ll know you are thinking of her each time she looks at it.

There are so many reasons to celebrate mom with jewelry this Mother’s Day, and Monahan Jewelers can help you find just the piece to show her how much she means to you. Known for their impeccable taste and impressive collections, Monahan Jewelers has been Jacksonville’s premier fine jewelry store for over thirty years.


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