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       Finding the perfect engagement ring can be an overwhelming process for many men, but it doesn’t have to be. Every bride is different, so Monahan Jewelers offers a wide variety of diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL. Monahan has shapes and cuts to suit the needs of any bride. If you truly know your bride-to-be, then choosing a ring can be as simple as matching her personality with the many ring choices offered by Monahan Jewelers. Here is an overview of the rings and diamond shapes Monahan has to offer and how to choose the right one for the special woman in your life.

       When you finally “pop the question,” you want the moment to be special. That special moment wouldn’t be the same without the perfect ring. Before you make this important decision, take some time to consider your bride’s personality and style. These are both great clues to what type of ring you should choose. Is she modern, traditional, glamorous, or bold? Regardless of your bride’s style of preferences, Monahan Jewelers has the perfect diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL.

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